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Carbon fiber variety

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2018/07/03 19:00
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HTS-12K carbon wire is the most widely used variety in the world.
Classified according to the number of bundled carbon filaments
Name Quantity mark Number of carbon filaments Performance
HTS 1K 1000 Tensile strength: usually 400kg/mm2 or more
3K 3000 Tensile elasticity: various
6K 6000
12K 12000
24K 24000
Classification by performance
Symbol name Tensile strength (kgf/mm2) Pulling modulus (t/mm2)
HTS (High-Strength: General) 400 24
UTS (Ultra High Strength) 500~ 24~
IMS (medium modulus / high strength type) 480 ~ 600 29 ~ 30
HMA (high modulus type) 300 to 35
UMS (high modulus / high strength type) 350 ~ 500 40 ~ 68
Steel 40 21
Not only high strength and modulus, but also a variety of strength and modulus combinations can be obtained by changing the manufacturing method.
Can be used as a reinforcement material in combination with other materials. Chemical stability is not easily reacted with acids, bases, solvents, and the like. The coefficient of thermal expansion is extremely small and the external dimensions are not easily changed. Conductive.